A few years back my aunt gave me a book for my birthday entitled Squeeze the Moment, 31 Days to a More Joyful Heart.  Something I think we can all use more of in our lives. In the book the author, Karen O'Connor, tells stories in reference to the daily topic and then asks the reader to jot down their thoughts about what they read.  

The first chapter entitled Entering Someone's World, O'Conner writes about a woman who recalls one of the first gifts that her husband gave her. It wasn't something she expected or even thought was romantic gesture, it was a rod and reel. Fishing may not have been her thing, but her husband wanted to share his passions with his wife. Many years later she was grateful and joyous that she was able to enter her husband's world and share her life with him.

I've known people who have let their marriages get ruined by not wanting to enter their spouse's world. Aside from the obvious things needed to have a successful marriage, I think companionship/friendship is extremely important. Learning to enter a spouse's world is part of growing in a marriage. Though my husband and I have a far from perfect marriage, we do enjoy being in each other's company very much. Sometimes that means doing things and being part of his world, even though that may not be my cup of tea.

At the end of the chapter I was asked to jot down something that I had done for someone that had required me to enter their world. There are a lot of things that my husband and I have in common, but we still have others that we don't.

One of them is Sci Fi. I've never cared for science fiction, but my husband loves it, from Star Wars to Star Trek, you name it. He really wanted me to watch every Star Trek show and movie with him, and though I was reluctant, I did.

I remember in the 90's when Star Trek the Next Generation was on TV, I'd flip through the channels and when I'd come across the show I'd think, "who watches this garbage!" and flipped right on through.  After a few episodes I actually found Star Trek quite interesting.

The important thing wasn't that I become a fan, it was sharing my time with my husband in his world.  He has mentioned on several occasions how much it means to him that I cared enough to give him a chance to share his interests with me.

How have you entered into your spouse's/significant other's world?


  1. Very powerful stuff Karen! I would have to agree 100%. There is nothing that makes me feel happier than watching the NBA Playoffs with Janie right next to me. Well maybe there is stuff that makes me happier but still, I feel loved when she watches the games with me. It's super cool.

  2. Thanks Joze! I thinks it's very important to be best friends with your spouse and share with one another.


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