Oh Fall, how I miss thee!

My status this morning on facebook reads, "is really missing being in Louisville, KY." Normally, since we arrived in Orlando, Monday's have been very busy for me. This morning, not so much. I woke up feeling down and really wishing we could be back in Louisville. I really miss Fall, I want to see the tree in front of my house turning yellow and my neighbor's trees turning red. I want to feel the cool crisp air of Fall. I want to go to the farm and go pumpkin picking with my kids.

My husband says I don't like change, and he's right, especially change I don't want, but when it comes to the weather, change is good. The change of season is refreshing. It's like a new beginning every 4 months. As September ends a change takes place as Fall arrives. The atmosphere changes, you feel a sense of relaxation. The hot days of summer are over, the school year is underway and the holiday season is soon upon us. The first time I ever experienced the changes of seasons was in Louisville. I had never seen such beautiful colors as the trees began to change. I love the color combinations of browns, reds, oranges, yellows, and burgundies. In 2006 I went to Lake Lure, near Ashland, North Carolina, on the mountainside across from the house was the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I was in awe, it was like someone had painted each and every tree to create a perfect mural of coordinating colors. All I could think was, wow, God is amazing!

I don't feel that here, even though the temperature has dropped into the mid 80's instead of the usual high 90's, and everyone is freaking out about how nice the weather is, I still don't feel Fall. Sorry I just don't. That peace, relaxation and happiness that Fall used to bring me in Louisville, yeah I haven't felt that here. I pulled out my Fall decorations and began adding those Autumn touches to the house. And I'm hoping to find Fall activities to attend around town, but still, Fall I really miss you!


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