Expecting the unexpected

It's those little surprises in life that take us for a tailspin. Two weeks ago I found out that we are expecting baby number three. I am unexpectedly expecting. It was a shock, I won't lie. I thought I was done having kids. I was mentally getting ready to go back to work. My oldest is in school and my youngest is starting Kinder this coming year. Now in 8 months I am going back to diaper duty and sleepless nights, I am so not looking forward to that again.

I hadn't been feeling to well since the beginning of October and though pregnancy symptoms kept creeping up I didn't think that's what it was, we weren't trying, so I was sure it had to be something else. I thought I was sick, like really sick. Then I decided to take a pregnancy test to rule that out before I proceeded to make a call to the doctor about my illness. Well no call was needed, the stick said PREGNANT, in all caps just like that.

I know that a child is a blessing and he or she is coming into our family as God's plan. It's still a little hard to fathom that I am going to have another baby. I love my children more than life itself, I love to look at the amazing gifts that God has given us, a combination of my husband and I. One of the hard things for me about being pregnant it that I don't do pregnancy well. I get very sick, I'm extremely tired all the time, and things about me get altered, and I'm not just talking about my weight. This pregnancy I have lost the desire to cook and eat. I love to cook, but not anymore, I have no imagination for making meals and I don't care to eat them anyway. Pregnancy is hard for me, but like I heard someone say, "It's all worth it at the end." I just have to get over the hurtle of first trimester to begin seeing things in a new light.


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