Written Communication

Writing is one of my passions, but like most writers, I sometimes get writer's block. The month of March has been long and uneventful and has left me in a writing slump. I began this blog as a way to get back into writing. Since I am a stay at home mom and I don't write professionally, I figured that creating a blog would be a great way to put my thoughts on paper. Writing gives me the ability me to express my feeling, be creative, and record memories.

When I was in college I was a writer for the school newspaper, I was the associate sports editor. Writing became one of the most important things in my life. The experiences, memories, and people I met are ones that I will forever cherish. There was nothing like the excitement I had as I prepared for an interview. To get a story from an athlete and put into writing for everyone to read made me feel important and accomplished. For the most part I am a huge procrastinator, but when it came to my writing, getting my articles and column in before the deadline was a challenge I was always ready to take on.

As I continue developing my writing, I have to set myself deadlines. It's much easier when you have someone to be accountable to, but this will help me develop more blogs and topics. I'm hoping to get the iPad sometime this year, we are huge fans of Apple in my home. I think having this potable computer will help me get my thoughts down whenever and where ever I am. Most of my thoughts come at night, when I'm in bed and away from the computer.

As I gladly welcome the month of April, I look forward to much more writing.


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