Summer is always a fun time for my boys and I to relax and do summer activities.  As a parent I want my boys to have fun, keep learning and exploring during summer break.
Whether it's going to the pool, watching movies, participating in reading programs, or going on vacation, I like to keep my boys busy.

Here in Florida our summers bring a lot of rain, which means staying inside a lot.  Today I have an activity for your kids to do when when you get a rainy spell. The folks at Education.com were kind enough to share this exciting activity. The activity is the tracking acidity in rainwater. My son and I worked on a similar science project, last year in homeschool, we had a lot of fun learning how and what changes the acidity of water.  

So if you're sick of staying indoors during rainstorms, next time it rains, put away the board games and get outside! Make use of all that water while learning about pH with this fun project. In this experiment, we will explore patterns of acidity in rainwater. When you're done, check out these math games to keep learning!

Tracking Acidity in Rainwater
  • Several rainy days
  • pH paper with chart indicator
  • Standard beakers
  • Pen/paper for notes

  • On a rainy day, take a beaker outside and allow it to fill up with water. About ¾ full would do the trick.
  • Come back inside and dip the strip of pH paper in the water. Take the strip out, note the color and compare it on the color guide to find out the pH. Record this number.
  • Repeat steps 1-2 for at least seven rainy days. Did you notice an differences in pH or is it exactly the same?
  • Evaluate your results.

For more, you can check out Education.com for a variety of learning activities for your kids to do over the summer and throughout the year.


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