We love to cruise! My husband and I had been on other cruises before and fell in love with the experience. This was by far the best way to vacation. In March of 2015 we went on our very first cruise as a family, aboard the Disney Dream.

It was truly a magical experience for all of us, not just the kids. Since this was the first time going on a cruise with the kids I wanted to make sure we didn't miss a thing and spend lots of quality family time enjoying everything Disney had to offer.  

My husband had prepped me on all the amenities that Disney Cruise Line had to offer, like the kids clubs, that he thought our boys would enjoy. But I was a bit skeptical because I wasn't planning on leaving my kids alone during our family vacation. As a Latina, culturally we moms don't part from our kids, especially on a vacation. We want to have fun together. More on that later...

When we first boarded the ship, our family was formally introduced as the staff welcomed us by family name. Then we entered the grand atrium, it like I had stepped into a whole new world, no pun intended. Everything was magical and I couldn't help feel happy and giddy. I instantly wanted to immerse myself in it all.

Right after boarding we raced to the top deck to have lunch at Cabanas, an all you can eat buffet. We were told the rooms wouldn't be available until after 2pm, so after lunch it was time to check out the ship. Our first stop was to take our boys to the open house at the Oceaneers Club. Remember the infamous kids club were I wasn't going to leave my kids? This club is designed for kids ages 3 - 12, so only my two older boys would able to be checked in.

The boys were in awe of all the things they could do in this place, a place designed just for kids. This place was spectacular! Yes, I have to admit it, it was great. Once the boys were checked in, that was pretty much where they spent the majority of their time. My youngest wasn't old enough yet, but they do have a nursery (cost $9/hr.) were staff will watch your little ones, if you and your significant other want some time just for yourselves. We checked our youngest into the nursery for an hour to have a lunch date and that was really nice.

I was truly pampered on this trip, our beds were made every morning and turned down every evening. The food was delicious and the attention from our servers was fantastic. Our boys were being taken care of while having a blast at the kids club. And the entertainment was amazing!

Veranda Cabin for 5
We watched broadway style shows, the latest Disney cinematic movies, and if you wanted to relax in private, there was Disney of demand in our room.  One of the anticipated events of the cruise was Pirate Night! Everything is pirate themed that evening. I love costume parties and events, so needless to say I had a blast putting together my family's costumes for Pirate Night.

Pirate Night
We went on a 4 night Bahamian cruise. We stopped at Nassau, Castaway Cay (Disney's private island), and spent a day at sea. During our stop in Nassau we opted to stay on the ship because we had previously been to Nassau and thought it would be a great opportunity to enjoy the activities on the ship.

The next day we enjoyed Castaway Cay. What a great little island! We spent time at the beach enjoying the clear blue water, which was a bit cold because of the time of year. Had lunch which is served at the island's restaurant so you don't have to go back to ship when you get hungry.

Castaway Cay
Four nights just wasn't enough. This was such an exciting and relaxing vacation that upon returning home I suffered from withdrawals for several days... true story. I can't wait to set sail again and share more wonderful experience once!


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