Making fitness part of my life

I began an new fitness routine yesterday. I've noticed that since I moved back to Florida, this summer, I have gained 2 pounds. I know that's not a lot, but I'm afraid that 2 will turn to 5 and 5 will turn to 10 and I don't my weight to get out of hand. I didn't want to go below my weight goal of 140lbs, but I have to do something to tone my body. The first place excess fat goes to is my abdominal area and then it proceeds to move elsewhere. So, this time I'm going to nip it in the bud.

I lost 33 pounds with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video, let me state that I didn't do it in 30 days, it took me more like 6 months. One of the big factors of seeing rapid weight lose was cutting down my carbohydrate consumption. So with a good healthy diet, which I didn't see as a diet it was more of a change, and 5 days of exercise, I lost the weight. This time I'm trying out Jillian's Yoga video. After my first workout, yesterday, I was feeling pumped. I was so psyched that yoga actually worked my entire body out. I've been sceptical about yoga, because how can an exercise that has no rapid fat burning routines help you lose wight and get tone. Ah, well yet again I was proven wrong.

Wow! What a complete workout and best of all, I really enjoyed it. I won't lie, it was hard to start exercising again after spending that past 3-4 month not doing anything. I realised once again that I'm weak, I can't hold my upper body weight. But I'm trying, Jillian says to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And I sure was uncomfortable, especially since I'm a Yoga virgin. Today I woke up completely sore from head to toe. So naturally I thought, maybe I'll skip yoga today and let my muscles rest, I then realized that the smart thing to do was workout, fight through the pain. Right, isn't that what they say, No Pain No Gain? It was hard to do the moves again this time with a sore body but nonetheless I still enjoyed myself. I felt a little better, sore wise, after I was done.


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